English teaching kids and adults Student

English teaching kids and adults Student

English Conversation and Learning*

On a national level, young Dominicans face almost insurmountable obstacles to academic success. One of the skills in demand by local employers is basic English. (*School Months Only) However, a shortage of trained English teachers and lack of academic support at home make a formalized English learning curriculum difficult to sustain. You’ll have the opportunity to work with both teachers and students on activities designed to create interest and excitement in the learning process and aid in language retention. You’ll engage in games, simple vocabulary lessons, and small-group conversations that provide much-needed confidence. And you’ll find that this kind of positive impact on the life of a child is one of the most gratifying experiences a traveler can have.Our guest anticipates that, within five years, more than 2,200 of the students whose lives we’ve touched will have achieved working proficiency in English and will be prepared for jobs that can raise the income levels of their families. Traveling during the summer when school is out of session? You can still help students succeed academically. Check out the Creative, Arts, Music, and Sports program that takes the place of Student English Conversation and Learning during the summer months.

  • Spend 1/2 the day with the kids or adults.
  • Travel 30 minutes.




Cute kindergartners.




The kindergarten teacher and the kids.



The kids would spell and read our names.



Face painting with the kids.


Newly built school.


The kids sharing their picture.

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