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  • Garry Wright


    November Israel Tour-From beginning to end it was the Best Tour. Everyone there was great. So much to see, so much to learn. If you want to go to Israel this is the tour you need to take. Mark and Jill were wonderful.

  • Paul and Phyllis


    Israel-I heartily recommend Legacy Tours. The tour was well-planned and included many interesting and informative sites. It was good mix of interacting with the land and culture as well as information of prominent historical sites. Kay Godfrey is passionate and well-informed guide that brought the Holy Land to life.

  • Larraine Taylor


    8 Day Book of Mormon Evidence-We would highly recommend this tour. We learned so much about the Book of Mormon evidence on this continent that we can't help sharing it with everyone we meet. The videos are great and the books are wonderful; but actually being at the places and having them explained to us was like a whole semester's study crammed into a week. We'll never forget it!

  • Gayle & John Broberg


    This was the most informative, spiritual, enlightening tour we have ever experienced. We loved every minute of it and would totally recommend it to everyone. It was earth shaking and life changing. Thank you!

  • Warren Webb


    8 Day Book of Mormon EvidenceThe tour was well organized and Rod was the perfect host and guide. More information than can be absorbed in one week. I will have to do this trip again.

  • Kent & Penny Larsen


    Book of Mormon 8 Day Evidence TourThis was a remarkable adventure. It was overwhelming at times. One participant described it as "drinking from a fire hydrant." The evidence is stunning and profound, it is irrefutable. My spiritual testimony of the Book of Mormon is greatly enhanced by the physical evidence of the existence of this promised lane. To walk the land of the ancient inhabitants, to see their mounds, rivers and artifacts is a sacred experience. We will be eternally grateful for the experience.

  • Matt Andserson


    Traditions of Chris in Ancient BritainThe perfect trip and fabulous itinerary. Thank you Legacy Tours for putting together all the magic! It was the perfect blend between intellectual learning, spirit, fun and amazing locations. I will definitely be going again!

  • Matt & Lori Henderson


    Traditions of Christ in Great BritainWe feel it was truly a privilege to be on this tour and experience so many things out of the ordinary. Well planned, well prepared, very educational and inspiring.

  • Dennis Day


    My wife and I absolutely loved this tour! The time went fast but was informative, insightful, spiritual,and reflective. It has made me read the Book of Mormon more thoughtfully and with greater respect for how the Nephites lived and definitely reinforced my love for Jesus Christ and his gospel. Would go again in a heartbeat!

  • Rachelle Bo


    We would absolutely recommend Legacy Tours. This trip has been so amazing and each of us are truly changed forever by the things we saw, felt and heard. I cannot say enough about this amazing trip!

  • Randy and Cathy Musick


    Absolutely the best tour. Couldn't have been better. Guides, hosts, tour-mates, all felt like family. So much information, spiritually uplifted and want to learn even more. Sad to see it end.

  • Rick Thomas


    Anyone with a true desire to understand the land of the Nephites must go on this tour. It is not just the amazing earth works and archaeological sites that make this tour so valuable.  It is the breadth of knowledge and passion and testimony of the tour guides, Rod and Rian.  To walk the plains of the Nephites with these amazing guides has to be experienced in person.  You should not pass up the chance to walk where the Nephites walked with these inspiring people. 

  • Mel Palmer


    The 8-Day Book of Mormon Evidence Tour was fabulous. Every member should go on this tour. Just being where the Nephites were and seeing how they live and the spirit you feel in these places will charge the way I read the Book of Mormon. I learned a hundred times more than I ever dreamed I could have.

  • Cecilia Escobar


    The Experience Israel Tour was a great experience. It was wonderful not having to take care of the details. It was a reasonably priced tour. I would recommend.

  • Susan Iverson


    A few years ago, my husband John and I were fortunate enough to go on a Book of Mormon Evidence Tour. It was a memorable, mind expanding, enjoyable experience!We were surprised to see just how many artifacts are in museums, such as breastplates arm and head shields and other things dating back to Book of Mormon times.As we stopped at various places, the geography of the Book of Mormon became real. Many mounds, including temple and burial mounds are still visible. The spirit was evident at many places, especially the springs where the Waters Of Mormon were possibly located. The Bountiful Temple location was also a beautiful and peaceful spot.Rod Meldrum was well prepared and very informative. We can't wait to go again and bring some of our friends and family!

  • Erkki Salå


    We were on the Book of Mormon and Church history tour 2015. Really injoyable and uplifting experience. I will warmly recommend this tour to all our friends.Erkki and Cecilia Salå

  • From September 2014 Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

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    "I cannot wait to read the Book of Mormon with a new outlook. I am so excited!" (Mary Lou Ruesch)

    "The trip really opened my eyes - will never read the Book of Mormon the same again. So glad I came!" (William and Jane Haynes)

    "Like the approach of patience in spite of [the guides] enthusiasm about the truth. We have to be Christian and kind with the truth. Awesome."

  • From October 2015 Church History and Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

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    "This was our 2nd tour of the Book of Mormon Heartland sites. We combined it this year with church history, the spiritual experience was even better this year!" (William and Jane Haynes)

    "I am so glad I was directed by the spirit to come. It was inspred from Heavenly Father." (J.T.)

    "I had several ah-ha moments. Every place was simply a priviledge to visit and enjoy the spirit. We are definitely Heartlanders and plan on doing our part to spread the word." (James and Barbara Peterson)

    "The tour was much more than I expected. It was very spiritual and empowering. I'm so excited to reread the Book of Mormon." (Leslie Ramey)

    "This is the tour that I've been waiting for forever; loved it!" (Joan Turner)

    "I loved knowing we were where the Savior, Adam, Joseph, Lamanites, Nephites and Jaredites were. It was awesome." (Charles and MaryLee Richards)

  • From July 2015 Church History and Book of Mormon Pageant Tour

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    "This was an excellent tour! We would highly recommend it to anyone else. Rod is fun and entertaining as well as extremely knowledgeable." (Fred and Peggy Ash)

    "I would do this again! It was wonderful to go to places where my ancestors helped establish the church and listen to the stories of their faith. They knew where the Book of Mormon took place!" (Marie Bryant)

    "I have a better appreciation of the Book of Mormon. Just knowing where the Nephites and Lamanites lived and fought their battles has brought a new excitement to reading this sacred book of scriptures." (Marilyn Watson)

    "This trip, although looked forward to was far more than we expected." (W. Shaffer)

    "Fab trip-great learning experience-great tour guide."


  • Comments from July 13 Day Church History and Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

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    "Rod and Wayne were excellent guides - even better than we ever thought possible - all day long and into the evening." (Whitlocks)

    "Amazing! My 2nd trip!" (Tina Koivu)

    "Rod and Wayne are both so knowledgeable, warm and accommmodating. Their testimonies just shine." (Marilyn Nunez)

  • Comments from June Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

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    "We got our money's worth and made some good friends. I wish I could come again. It was wonderful!" (LHP)

    "It was everything I hoped it would be and better. It will bring a new prespective each time we read the Book of Mormon in the future. I wish all our children and friends could experience this tour." (John and Susan Iverson)

    "We had reveiwed all the DVD's prior to the trip. Visiting the sites and feeling the spirit in each place firmed our  testimonies that the Heartland model is correct. "

    "This was the best tour I've ever been on in my life. I've traveled extensively and this takes the cake. My life will never be the same, nor my testimony of the turth of these things more sure. " (CH)

    DeAnn and I had a great time Our perception of the Book of Mormon will be forever enhanced. Truly we believe that the Promised Land is this land. It was in the time of the Nephites and the Adamites, and now." (DeeRay and DeAnn Olson)

  • Comments from our John Bytheway Family Tour

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    "We had a tremendous experience! The friendships we made we will cherish. Every day we thought, "this can't get any better" but it did. We would do it again in a heartbeat! (Tom and Ellen Thomas)

    "Wonderful experinece, well planned went all too fast!" (KE)

    "We would recommend Legacy Tours, hope to travel with them again, excellent interaction with all the guests, very full days - never a dull moment. " (Jarmons)

    "Super! John was  real treat inthe inofrmation he provided, especially the evening side chats." (VA)

    "This has been a spiritual journey and a wonderful one. " (SV)


  • Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

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    "A perfect balance of archeaology and spirituality." (Kels Goodman)

    [Legacy Tours has] exceeded my expectations! From start to finish-unbelievable!! Great! I can't wait to bring more of my family and friends on the jouney." (RSC)

    "I loved being in the Great Circle where Jesus (possibly) stood. The feelings were humbling. I loved, loved, loved being able to throw the atl atl, where I could actually do something the Nephites did." (SN)

    "This was an incredible experience for me. My testimony is strengthened and I am more determined to study more." (K. Barnwell)

    "Rod and Wayn are walking encyclopedias wtih credible knowldege and inspiration. I am blessed to have spent time with them. They are pioneers that are dedicated to spreading their knowledge to the world. " (Lee Humrich)

    "A+. Just a great experince all around. I hope to bring my famiiy members next time- and most definitely I am planning on a next time! Thanks for the great opportunity." (Tamie Eastman)

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