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We at Legacy Tours and Travel love to travel. But we also believe that meaningful travel includes Educational, Recreational and Spiritual experiences. Legacy Tours and Travel is excited to provide tours that go beyond traditional travel. 

We agree with St. Augustine,
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

So come travel with us!

2023 TOURS

Humanitarian Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Traditions of Christ: Ancient Britain

Church History Tour with John Bytheway

Book of Mormon Chronology Tour

Egypt Pre-Tour

Traditions of Christ: Holy Land

Jordan Tour Extension

Upcoming Tours for 2024

Valentine Cruise with Georgia Anderson

Sacred Mysteries of Egypt

Traditions of Mary Magdalene in France

Apostle Paul: Greece by Land and Sea with Mike Day

Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Custom Humanitarian Vacations In The Dominican Republic

Navigator Sailing Adventures

Touch of Grace Greece Tour

Covenants, Tabernacle and Temple Tour

Holy Land and Petra Tour with Mike Day

Italy May 13-26, 2025

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