Repapel- Recycled Goods Womens Cooperative

Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship is another group of enterprising Dominican women have formed an association to create and sell arts and crafts from locally recycled paper. In addition to participating in the entire paper recycling process, you’ll have the opportunity to support all aspects of the association’s program, including creating new products for sale, expanding the association’s distribution network, and helping to establish a more formal process for taking their products to market. This support provides critical income and will ultimately allow the women to expand their association as their business grows. As our guest, you can have a positive, hands-on impact on both programs, not only helping the women benefit from steady sources of income but also contributing to increased English skills that can help them sell their products more effectively. 

This is 1/2 day project.

20 minute drive from the hotel to the factory/store.

Physical labor incudes: tearing paper, screening the paper, and  gluing strips of the paper.


Sorting and preparing the paper.



Washing the paper.


Blending the paper.



Mixing the pulp.



Screening the paper.


Removel of the pulp from the mold.



Placing the wet paper on the drying racks.



Pressing the dry paper.



Rolling and gluing the paper beads.



The rolled paper bead.



Making the jewelry.



Paper beaded bracelet.



Recycled paper cards.



Gift shop area selling jewlery and recycled items.



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