Water Filter Production The water crisis is a reality that plagues the entire world. In the Dominican Republic alone, more than three million people have no access to piped water. One solution already being implemented is the production and distribution of clay water filters, which mean far fewer children and adults will miss school or work due to water-borne illnesses. you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside established organizations and local artisans in the entire filter-making process: gathering and mixing the raw materials, working the clay, shaping and firing the filters, testing the quality of the finished product, and distributing the finished filters to needy families. In this family-friendly activity, even smaller children will find ways to do their part.

This is 1/2 day project.

45 minute drive from the hotel to the factory.

2 parts; making the filters, then delivering to the families.

Working the clay and preparing for it the press.



The clay press.


Shoveling the clay



Assembiling the pots into the 5 gallon buckets.



Shifting the raw clay and adding sawdust to the mix.


Radha the factory owner teaching how to throw a pot.



The group is ready to deliver the filters.



The families receiving the filters. They are instructed how to properly use and take care of the filter.



Group picture with the owner explaining the process.



Preparing the kiln




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