Concrete Flooring in Community Homes

Concrete flooring in community homes

As our guest, you will have the opportunity to help improve the lives and health of the Dominican people from the ground up. Literally. In the homes of poorer communities, the common basic dirt floors are a genuine health risk. They pick up dust during the dry season and retain dampness and puddles in the rainy season. And they’re impossible to clean, which means that anything spilled on the floor or tracked into the house, however unhygienic, tends to stay put. Every month, homes in a different small area of a community will be chosen to be upgraded with new concrete floors. Can’t you see yourself pouring concrete and working alongside the homeowners and other members of the surrounding community, including children and teenagers, helping them create surroundings they’ll be proud to take care of maintain. The families are so appreaciative. The average cost of the new concrete floor is $200. Part of your fees pay for the materials.

This is 1/2 day project.

15-45 minute drive from the hotel to the home.

Physical labor incudes: mixing, shoveling, carrying buckets and smoothing out the concrete. bring some work clothes. gloves will be provided.

Mixing the gravel and lime in the middle of the street.