Reforestation and Nursery

Come join us in local reforestation efforts designed to improve the livelihoods of Dominican families, restore degraded land, and contribute to forest and beach conservation throughout the region. Working with the IDDI team and local communities, you can participate in the potting of tree seedlings and transporting plants, to assisting local Dominicans with establishing and managing tree nurseries, to the more strenuous efforts of cultivation and planting. Thanks to the small-group nature of these reforestation activities, you’ll gain firsthand experience in transforming a community by working to protect and extend its natural resources.


Re-forestation options include beach and mountianside.

This is 1/2 day project.

20 minute drive from the hotel to the site.

Physical labor incudes: shoveling, planting and sorting seedlings. Wear work clothes, gloves will be provided.

Sea grapes and almond seedlings.



Digging the holes on the coastline.


Placing the seedlings in the sandy holes.



Puerto Plata beach.


More planting.






Separating the seedlings.



Great IDDI team!



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