Book of Mormon Chronology and Church History Tour

Follow the chronology of Book of Mormon History in ONE amazing tour!


Chronology Pageant Tour June 28 - July 11th, 2020 (20 seats left)

Chronology Fall Colors October 5 - 18th, 2020

14-day tour guided by Rod Meldrum

$2,500 per person double occupancy


Tour Includes:
  • 13 night hotel accommodations
  • Deluxe motor-coach transportation
  • Museum entrance fees and guide
  • 13 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners
Not Included:
  • Airfare to Tallahassee, FL and from Rochester, NY
  • Airline baggage fees
  • Meals other than listed
  • Additional trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance
  • tips for driver and guide
Payment Terms:
  • $300 pp deposit at time of booking
  • Final payment due 45 days before departure


DAY 1 - Monday:

Fly into TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA - board motor coach and drive back 2,000 years in time through the pristine swamps and grasslands of St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge ending at the picturesque ST. MARK'S LIGHTHOUSE on the undisturbed coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Experience the thrill of a gulf coast sunset at is may have looked when Lehi and his family arrived in this area nearly 600 years before Christ.

DAY 2 - Tuesday:

Leave our luxury accommodations in Tallahassee for LETCHWORTH-LOVE MOUNDS state archaeological Park to see the state of Florida's tallest Native America ceremonial earthwork and talk about the Lamanite occupation of this land for centuries - We then travel to Macon, Georgia to visit OCMULGEE NATIONAL MONUMENT and museum with the only fully excavated mound that has been restored so that you can actually go inside the sacred ceremonial area that once stood there, and on past Atlanta to - KENNESAW Georgia. B,D

DAY 3 - Wednesday:

After enjoying a nice breakfast you'll be whisked off for a quick stop at the Nephite time framed LEAKE MOUNDS Interpretive Trail followed by a visit to ETOWAH INDIAN MOUNDS Historic Site to see several the huge earth mounds adjacent to the Etowah River - We then follow a course along the southern side of the picturesque Appalachian Mountains to CHEROKEE, North Carolina to see the new display of the famous Bat Creek Stone which unearthed in 1889 in an official archaeological excavation and discovered to have ancient Hebrew characters inscribed upon it at the fabulous MUSEUM OF THE CHEROKEE INDIAN - You will then experience the majestic beauty of climbing over the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK into PIGEON FORGE, singer, songwriter Dolly Parton's hometown and often referred to today as "Dollywood." B

DAY 4 - Thursday:

Leave Dollywood for the McClung Museum on the campus of the University of Tennessee in KNOXVILLE to learn about the Book of Mormon's Land of Nephi connections - then we skirt along the northern Appalachian Mountains to Chattanooga, TN where we'll climb to the top of Lookout Mountain, which overlooks portions of 7 southeastern states! OLD STONE FORT is an ancient 'place of retreat' surrounded by canyons and waterfalls that offered the ancient people protection using the cliff walls, earth embankments and sophisticated "place of entrance." Then on to - NASHVILLE for a visit to the fabulous Tennessee State Museum which houses hundreds of beautiful artifacts of the ancient people and then driving on to - JACKSON, Tennessee for an amazing seafood buffet dinner and comfortable nights rest. B,L

DAY 5 - Friday:

After breakfast you'll visit PINSON MOUNDS State Park for a walk through the museum and a possible hike up massive Sauls Mound - then on to explore the mighty changes that occurred in this region at the time of Christ's death through a visit to the NEW MADRID Historical Museum. Paducah is at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers. We think Mosiah came north on the Tennessee River to reach the land of Zarahemla. We get a chance to pass through the flood wall and its beautiful historical murals to the water's edge and appreciate how massive these rivers are as we learn about the roles they played in Book of Mormon history. We stay the night in Paducah, KY. B

DAY 6 - Saturday:

This morning you'll experience one site along a string of ancient fortifications at the southern tip of Illinois, in Giant City State Park called simply STONE FORT - Following our short hike to the overlook we'll relax on the coach while we make our way to the largest earth structure in the world, the massive Monks Mound who's 17 acre base rises to an impressive 100 feet in height at CAHOKIA MOUNDS State Historic Site - just east of St. Louis. From there we travel to Mark Twain's boyhood hometown of HANNIBAL, Missouri. B

DAY 7 - Sunday:

After a quick ride down Hannibal's Main Street, our group will head north with our first stop first at LITTLE MOUND CEMETERY, an ancient burial mound just outside of Keokuk, Iowa and then on for a visit to - ZARAHEMLA named that by the Lord in D&C 125:3. We'll discuss why the Des Moines rapids made this site one of the most strategically important locations in all of North America and view the Mississippi River from high above as we cross the Fort Madison Bridge and enter - historic NAUVOO. We will have  bus tour of Old Nauvoo to acquaint you with the many sites you can visit during your free time the following day. We will enjoy a special fireside presentation that evening. B, D

DAY 8 - Monday:

For those who would like, arrangements have been made to attend a session at the beautifully restored and historic NAUVOO TEMPLE* in the morning, followed by an afternoon of fun exploring - OLD NAUVOO, and all the wonderful sights and sounds of 'Joseph's City' complete with a walk down the Trail of Hope and visit to the Smith Family Cemetery which includes Joseph, Hyrum, Emma, Lucy Mack and Joseph Senior along with a surprising ancient secret about this sacred location. *The Nauvoo Temple will be closed for 4 months this fall, so the 2018 tour will unfortunately not be able to participate in a session. B

DAY 9 - Tuesday:

As we say goodbye to old Nauvoo, our thoughts will turn to Joseph's life - and death - as we visit CARTHAGE JAIL and discuss the life of the founding prophet of this dispensation - then we'll explore the hidden trail to ZELPH'S MOUND where Joseph received the vision of this ancient Book of Mormon warrior who was killed and buried there following one of the final battles between the Nephites and Lamanites - then on to President Abraham Lincoln's hometown of SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - finishing our day in CHAMPAIGNE. B

DAY 10 - Wednesday:

This morning the group will watch some important videos while we traverse the state of INDIANA - and climb to the top of the Jaredite time framed MIAMISBURG MOUND in Ohio - Not far distant is the hill top fortification called FORT ANCIENT State Memorial which houses not only one of the great museums of the Hopewell (Nephites) civilization, but also has a replica home and you may get the chance to try your warrior skills by learning how to "cast" an atl-atl spear like they did anciently! B

DAY 11 - Thursday:

Once we leave the hotel in Cincinnati, you'll experience one of the world's most mysterious places, the ancient SERPENT MOUND perched atop a sacred plateau - SEIP MOUND nestled in the bottom of the Paint Creek Valley and the a visit to - MOUND CITY, home of the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Chillicothe, then to see the region's best Hopewell artifact exhibit at the - OHIO HISTORY CENTER in Columbus and finish the day with a special evening meeting at our comfortable hotel in NEWARK, Ohio. B,L

DAY 12 - Friday:

Today you'll experience what may be one of the most sacred locations in America, the GREAT OCTAGON and GREAT CIRCLE which are all that remains of an ancient 4 square mile ceremonial complex unrivaled in the world. It is believed that this could be the location of the temple mentioned in the Book of Mormon in the land Bountiful with all that implies. - Our next stop will be the Johnson Humrickhouse Museum which houses the incredible Newark HOLY STONES having Hebrew inscriptions following which we'll visit other important sites in Church history, - the JOHN JOHNSON HOME, where Joseph and Emma lived, loved, received revelations and visitations and was tarred and feathered and then we'll take some time taking in the beauties of the - KIRTLAND VISITORS CENTER there. B

DAY 13 - Saturday:

An autumn morning visit to the majestic KIRTLAND TEMPLE is awaiting you as we tour through this historic landmark and sing "The Spirit of God" where it was sung by the saints during the dedication of this, the first temple of this dispensation. As we head east we'll stop along the shores of LAKE ERIE, one of the Great Lakes and then stop for a visit to the - SMITH FARM where Joseph Smith learned of his divine role as prophet and received the First Vision which ushered in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ - You'll be treated to a stop at the GRANDIN PRESS where the Book of Mormon was printed, enjoy dinner and view the ancient America exhibits in the Palmyra Inn, your hotel for the evening. The hotel is just up the street from the PALMYRA TEMPLE. We will visit the temple for pictures. B, D

DAY 14 - Sunday:

This morning we will drive to the crest of the one and only HILL CUMORAH. The hill overlooking the final resting places of two entire civilizations that once inhabited this land and whose history is found in the Book of Mormon. From this hill wrote the prophet Moroni of the final destruction of his people and upon it did he deposit their sacred history, in a stone box atop this very hill. This cool autumn Sunday morning we'll reflect upon this monumental history, its implications, its importance and its relevance in our lives. After you've had a chance to share your thoughts and feelings about these past two weeks, you'll be transported to the - ROCHESTER AIPORT for your flight home wherein you can continue to reflect on the experience you just had, the new friends you've made, and the profound impact this has had upon your testimony of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. B, L

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