What is a Church History Tour?

Our church history tours this summer are perfect for the whole family! We love exploring sites of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As well as having spiritual experiences to grow. Visit the New York Church History sites, including, the Hill Cumorah, the Sacred Grove, and Grandin Press. Stop with us in Kirtland, as well as Nauvoo, and many sites in between! For more details about each of these tours and what they offer, click on the desired tour image.

What Is The Difference Between These Two Church History Tours?

Church History with John Bytheway is very popular because of our host, John Bytheway. He is a wonderful speaker and always enhances the experience for the whole family. We have been doing this tour with John for over 10 years. However, as this tour is with a popular host, it does cost more than the regular Church History Pageant tour. Also, because of availability, we will not be seeing the Nauvoo or British Pageants in Nauvoo on this tour.

Church History Pageant Tour is lead by Scott Read, an institute teacher of over 30 years. Additionally, Scott has been leading tours for BYU for many years and is a Church History Enthusiast. This tour is a little cheaper, which makes it more financially manageable for families. Plus, guests will have the opportunity to see both of the Pageants in Nauvoo.