Finding Christ in Travel in 2024 (A Comprehensive Post)

Finding Christ in Travel

It’s no secret that we love to travel, however it’s also no secret that we love Jesus Christ. Here at Legacy Tours, we believe in providing our guests with tours that are educational and recreational, as well as spiritual. It’s our little niche to leave guests feeling uplifted after touring. 

So, with Christmas coming up this month, we’d like to take some time to share how Jesus Christ can be found in your travels on our tours this year. Including, culturally, historically, spiritually, modernly, and more!

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Finding Christ Culturally

Jesus Christ is known for the variety of company that he kept. From vagabonds and sinners, to tax collectors and gentiles. Overall, Jesus explored many cultures and places in his life on earth. As we travel, we begin to understand the complexity of this world a little better. Amazingly, our abilities to accept new cultures, as well as their people, grows as we travel. 

Additionally, we see how minuscule our own personal lives are in the great enormity of the world. As a result, our understanding of a loving Heavenly Father, as well as finding His son, Jesus Christ, grows exponentially. Especially as we tour impoverished countries such as IsraelJordanEgypt, and the Dominican Republic. 

Finding Christ Historically

Some of the greatest miracles that Christ performed, are in historically surviving cities. Moreover, the miracles and missions that his disciples and apostles made, are also a part of the historical narrative. When we travel, our tours take us to places like Jerusalem, Gethsemane, Calvary, and other sites that Jesus walked. 

On our tour to Greece we visit sites that the Apostle Paul took his missionary journeys, as well as the cave where John the Revelator received visions. Mary Magdalene is known to have fled Israel and take

refuge in France. Many historical sites link us to finding Christ, and how his legacy lives on, especially as related to events that took place from Acts, on until the Great Apostasy. Through travel we become first hand witnesses to the sites of these historic and miraculous events, almost effortlessly finding Christ in our wake.

Finding Christ Spiritually

Spirituality looks so different for every traveler. However, we’ve found that a combination of seeing and touching spiritual sites, learning spiritual knowledge, and doing actions that are Christlike, all contribute. For example, by going to Bethlehem and Israel, and Athens, guests can see and touch the sites where major spiritual events occurred. Putting themselves in a position to feel the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost while in these places, can help them grow spiritually. 

Additionally, those who spiritually grow by increasing their spiritual knowledge, might find edification in viewing and learning about geographical evidence of the Book of Mormon. Or even, learning about the traditions of Mary Magdalene while she worshipped in France. Plus, the symbolic spiritual knowledge that just oozes out of the ancient temple walls and mythology in Egypt. And not to mention, finding Christ by watching for signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

As far as the physical actions, we know that Christ “went about doing good.” Our Humanitarian Vacation in the Dominican Republic each year, gives us the opportunity to serve as Christ did. Furthermore, growing in Christlike attributes such as patience, appreciation, love and fun, as well as gratitude.

Finding Christ Modernly

Of course, the opportunities to find Christ in travel are not simply limited to ancient lands and people. Moreover, the ability to find Christ in travel today is even more apparent with the addition of the Restoration. When we travel to Church History sites, such as the Sacred Grove, the Grandin Press, or even the first temple of this dispensation, we can see the His hand through it all. Christ has been with us every step of the way, from a 14 year old boy’s prayer in New York, to the discovery of Zion and on. 

Christ is found in Travel

No matter where you go with Legacy Tours, you will always find Christ in some way. We relish the opportunity to provide tours to families, couples and individuals who all want to partake of the educational, recreational, and spiritual environment these tours provide. Discover Christ in your travels this year. Travel with Legacy Tours, and find Him in new ways!


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