10 - Day Humanitarian Adventure for Single Adults

hosted by John and Kim Bytheway

June 18th - 27th, 2019


Volunteer Application Form

Instructions : To Apply for the Humanitarian Adventure for Single Adults :

1. Read all 6 pages of the Information Packet.
2. Complete the online application and written interview questions.
3. Digitally sign responsibility page.
4. Upload a recent photo of yourself.
5. Submit Application.
6. Make $300 deposit payment online by credit card or by mailing a check to Legacy Tours PO Box 486, Bountiful, Utah 84011.

If preferred, you can print the application and complete the necessary pages, then send completed application, written interview, responsibility page and a recent photo of yourself (no larger than 4" x 6") along with a $300 deposit (checks should be made payable to Legacy Tours) to Legacy Tours PO Box 486, Bountiful, Utah 84011.

Volunteer Information
Name * Sex *  Male   Female
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Street Address *
City * State *
Zip * Cell Phone *
Email * Birth Date *
How did you hear about us? *    
Do you have a current passport?*     Yes   No (Volunteers will need a current passport to participate in HASA. If you do not have a passport, please apply for one immediately.)
Is there someone else signing up for the tour that you would like to room with? (Please note that roommates are not guaranteed, but Legacy Tours will do all they can to honor these requests.) *
Responsibility and Release

To be a participant of the Legacy Tours Humanitarian Adventure for Single Adults the following policies must be honored for the success of these experiences. Please initial your commitment of the following.

1. I will accept instructions from the staff at Legacy Tours. *     Yes   No
2. I will be obedient to the policies and rules set forth by Legacy Tours, including a 10:30 pm curfew and 11:00 pm "lights out". *     Yes   No
3. I will have a positive attitude toward other participants and various incidents encountered as the tour proceeds. *
    Yes   No
4. I will possess good values and high standards in manners, speech and dress. *     Yes   No
5. I have a desire within myself to participate in this Humanitarian Tour. *     Yes   No
6. I will be alert during devotionals and not disturb others who are trying to learn. *     Yes   No

  I have read and agree to abide by the rules and policies of the Humanitarian Tour. I understand that if it becomes necessary to be dismissed from the tour for any inappropriate behavior, transportation home will be at my own expense and no refund will be issued for the cost of the tour. Inappropriate behavior would include but is not limited to: Curfew and participating in or encouraging immoral behavior of any kind, which includes breaking the law of chastity and viewing pornography in any form. Shoplifting, theft, or vandalism or any kind. Breaking the Word of Wisdom, including possession of illegal substances. Possession of weapons or firearms of any kind. Doing anything harmful to yourself or other physically, spiritually, or emotionally. If the volunteer does not follow the above rules Legacy Tours and Travel LLC is not responsible for their consequences resulting from their behavior. Any broken or damaged items caused by the individual, you are responsible to replace at your expense. *

Applicant Signature * Date *

Legacy Tours and/or its agents act only as an agent for the passenger regarding travel and assume no responsibility of acts of the carrier or third party. We cannot accept responsibility of sickness, weather or other causes beyond our control.

We reserve the right to make such changes in the itinerary as we deem necessary.

We reserve the right to dismiss or retain any person as a member of the tour if circumstances require it.

  I understand and accept the above statement of responsibility of Legacy Tours. Permission is hereby granted to the agents of Legacy Tours to give proper attention, medical or otherwise. *

Written Interview

The following questions have been designed to let you know that this is not any easy trip. It will be a lot of fun, but it will also be tiring at times. We expect each person to abide by the rules and policies with complete obedience and a high measure of personal effort. We ask you to carefully consider your intentions for joining us on this tour. Please be honest and complete in your answers to these questions.

1. Please explain your desires of participating in this Humanitarian Adventure for Single Adults. Is it your own desire to go on the tour? Is there motivation from parent, friends, or other influences? Please explain. *
2. Obedience is the price we pay to have the Spirit of the Lord with us. Why do you think this important? *
3. What activities have you been involved in (leadership, sports, music, etc.)? *
4. Please list any medical problems that we should be aware of. If you have any serious medical problems, we will need a doctor's approval and a special permission form. *
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