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Experience Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica When I was 12, my family of 6 lived in Costa Rica for 6 months. It was an amazing opportunity, living

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The Acropolis in Athens with surrounding green trees

The Parthenon, Perfection and Paul

Perfection The Parthenon is the symbol of Athens. This temple, dedicated to the virgin goddess Athena Parthenos reflects the mastery, precision and perfection. Sitting atop

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water is life, water filter service project

Water is Life

Where would we be without water? Nowhere! Water is Life. Without water, plants, animals and humans can’t survive. That is easy enough to say, but

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Rome Italy Temple at sunset

Rome Italy Temple

Newly dedicated temple in Rome Italy is a must visit! Learn more about this beautiful place and the history associated with it.

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drawing of Native American Chief buffalo from Lake Superior

Where are the Ten Tribes of Israel?

The Ten Tribes of Israel The following is from Alexander’s Messenger, page 16. Published in 1883, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A government officer stationed at Lake Superior,

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