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From June 2018 Youth Humanitarian Adventure

"My favorite service was concrete, because we could see the immediate effect. I also loved the water filters. The service guides were all so helpful and cheerful. I would recommend this trip. I want to do it again!"

- Kailey G

"We really appreciate the effort that Legacy went through to organize the service opportunities for us. We loved the waterfalls, the teaching English the Outback adventure, etc. We also loved getting acquainted with the Bytheways, John was excellent! His instruction and testimony strengthening devotionals were spot on."

- Melanie T.

"Legacy Tours provides the opportunity of a lifetime with service activities with youth and an unforgettable cultural experience."

- Torie F.

"Best trip ever! An experience I will never forget and always cherish."

- Katie J

"YHA was a 10 out of 10. I want to do it again and bring friends with so they can have same experience. I loved spending time with the kids."

- Luke M.

"For sure I would recommend YHA. I had a blast learning about the culture and meeting new people. I loved the whole trip and everything about it, but my top favorites were cliff jumping and getting to hang with the Bytheways."

- Ben L

  • From July 2015 Church History and Book of Mormon Pageant Tour

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    "This was an excellent tour! We would highly recommend it to anyone else. Rod is fun and entertaining as well as extremely knowledgeable." (Fred and Peggy Ash)

    "I would do this again! It was wonderful to go to places where my ancestors helped establish the church and listen to the stories of their faith. They knew where the Book of Mormon took place!" (Marie Bryant)

    "I have a better appreciation of the Book of Mormon. Just knowing where the Nephites and Lamanites lived and fought their battles has brought a new excitement to reading this sacred book of scriptures." (Marilyn Watson)

    "This trip, although looked forward to was far more than we expected." (W. Shaffer)

    "Fab trip-great learning experience-great tour guide."


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