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  • From October 2015 Church History and Book of Mormon Evidence Tour

    2/10/2017 1:49:52 PM Link |  | Add comment

    "This was our 2nd tour of the Book of Mormon Heartland sites. We combined it this year with church history, the spiritual experience was even better this year!" (William and Jane Haynes)

    "I am so glad I was directed by the spirit to come. It was inspred from Heavenly Father." (J.T.)

    "I had several ah-ha moments. Every place was simply a priviledge to visit and enjoy the spirit. We are definitely Heartlanders and plan on doing our part to spread the word." (James and Barbara Peterson)

    "The tour was much more than I expected. It was very spiritual and empowering. I'm so excited to reread the Book of Mormon." (Leslie Ramey)

    "This is the tour that I've been waiting for forever; loved it!" (Joan Turner)

    "I loved knowing we were where the Savior, Adam, Joseph, Lamanites, Nephites and Jaredites were. It was awesome." (Charles and MaryLee Richards)

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