Best Marriage Enrichment Travel in 2023

Marriage Enrichment can Happen Anywhere

As a relationship coach and enthusiast, I strive to help couples with marriage enrichment. One of the best decisions we ever made was to take each of our newlywed children on a cruise a year after their wedding. It was the perfect opportunity to bond with our new sons and daughters-in-law. Also, a great time to have fun together. We tried different forms of travel with them. However, we keep coming back to cruising. 

Benefits to Cruising

On a cruise there are natural times to be together. This can include meals, evening shows, or even some shore excursions. Likewise, there are natural times for space as a couple. Usually, for alone time, relaxing, and enjoying activities on the ship together. Marriage enrichment comes in varying environments. A cruise provides endless variety for every travel style.

Cruising is an amazing way to travel with all the details taken care of. Food is waiting around every turn, plus “getting there” is planned. All you have to do is decide what you want to do when you come into port. Plus, maybe whether it will be a wild night of karaoke or an evening stroll on the lido deck.

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Enrich Your Marriage over Valentine's Day

I am SO EXCITED to partner with Legacy Tours and Travel once again. Our goal is to make your Valentine’s week cruise a great memory, as well as one that sends you home more connected. Above all, more empowered and enriched in your relationship.

How Will We Facilitate Enrichment of Your Marriage?

I have facilitated the “Gottman 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work” workshop for seven years, and I never grow tired of it. I have provided the workshop in many settings. Including from office buildings to National Parks. However, I freely admit that doing the workshop on a cruise is by far the most effective, as well as the most fun!

Why Cruising is an Ideal Setting

#1 TIME for Marriage Enrichment

First off, there is ample TIME. In most cases, we are cramming this life-changing material down in a matter of one or two days. In reality, there is a lot to digest here. Not only information to process, but experience as well. This workshop is full of one-on-one time for couples to learn about each other. Plus, get curious in a really fun and meaningful way. 

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With day-long breaks between sessions, there is ample time to apply principles. Basically taking class materials, and applying it to life before the next session. Along with the benefit to soak in the February Caribbean sunshine and spend time with your partner.

#2 Marriage Enrichment through FUN & ADVENTURE

Second, there is an atmosphere of FUN and ADVENTURE. Every relationship needs novelty and variety in order to stay fresh and interesting. What better place to rediscover your partner than on a cruise together! Enriching your marriage comes in incremental experiences. You’ll have new experiences provided to you by the workshop, on the ship, or at the exciting ports of call. With each of these environments, you are creating new bonds within your relationship. Overall, bringing you closer through FUN.

#3 EMBODY Your Marriage Enrichment Learning

Third, it’s a wonderful way to learn and EMBODY your learning. I am a certified Presence Based Coach through the International Coaching Federation. This also means that I incorporate the body as I teach and coach. I use physical experience to become more AWARE and PRESENT in everyday life. Additionally in relationships. 

Hello! Could I ask for a more perfect setting than a Caribbean cruise? This will bring us into our full sense of body and presence as we learn and try new things. It’s just magical what can happen with marriage enrichment in this setting. 

#4 PRIVACY & SOCIAL Opportunities

Fourth, there is a beautiful mix of PRIVACY and SOCIAL opportunities. You decide when and where you want either one! On our last cruise, several of the couples chose to dine together and some nights gathered for games. Some joined together on excursions at ports of call. Others came on this cruise specifically to be alone and share the workshop material privately by themselves. Either one, or a mix of both works. It’s totally up to you!

#5 ROMANTIC Marriage Enrichment

Fifth, and do I even need to say this? It’s ROMANTIC. Sunsets on the water, warm tropical breezes, even the day of Valentines while on the cruise. I mean, are you kidding me? You’ll have a hard time beating this for making memories and setting the mood. Especially for the day or week that we celebrate romantic love! 

To add to the romance, I will offer an optional 45 minute class in couples massage (head, neck and shoulders), and how you can bring more presence and attention to your partner through touch.

marriage enrichment

Travel can Enrich and Educate your Marriage

Finally, travel is always an education for me. I come home with a deeper understanding of the world. Plus insights about my travel companions, or even myself. Inclusively as I experience the world on a larger scale. US Elevated Caribbean takes travel to the next level. Adding adventure and education together, you’re bound to integrate what you learn. This can be more potent, and especially playful. 

Mark and I can’t wait to reenact our honeymoon drift dive in Cozumel! I hope you will jump on board and come cruise with us. Be there as we learn, grow and play together!

Come with us in February!


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