Mary Magdalene and the Templars in Ancient France

Traditions of Christ Tour to France

Dates to be announced soon

Guided by Mandy Green

$TBA* per person double occupancy

Tour Includes:
  • Tour Guide
  • An English speaking Tour Manager
  • Local Guides
  • 4 Star hotel accommodations
  • Deluxe motor-coach transportation
  • Entrance fees to all the sites we visit
  • 10 breakfasts
  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner
  • Airport Transfers
  • Listening Receivers

*Rate of Exchange and City Taxes

 Legacy Tours are priced to ensure our clients get the most economical price for the tour. In doing so we base our  tour price on the value of the US dollar to the Euro when final payment is made. The published price and rate of exchange for the dollar when published is the marker. If the dollar has decreased when the final payment is due, the cost for the tour may be more than the published price. However if the dollar increases in value when your final payment is due, then you will pay less than the price that is published for the tour.

A number of European cities are likely to increase or impose a new tourism tax in the near future. Paris is quite likely to increase its tourism taxes. Our operating partner in France is Operating Europe, they are advising us so that we may make you aware. These taxes may be added without warning. These extra taxes may end up being added to the final cost of the tour or it’s possible you will be asked to pay locally on the spot. Barcelona just recently added a city tax that was between 1-3 EU per night.  This is just to let you know of this possibility.  In any event you will want to bring some extra Euros to have on hand in case that happens on our tour.

Day 1

Leave from USA to France

Day 2

Upon arrival at CDG airport their group will be met by their tour manager who will accompany them for the rest of their tour. They will leave Paris immediately behind them and travel to Chartres. In Chartres they will visit the gothic cathedral; rumour has it that the Templars ordered the construction of the cathedral to house all their treasures such as the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. But they never saw the construction completed. Overnight in Chartres. Welcome Dinner in our hotel.

Day 3

The morning will start with more time exploring Chartres before they grab lunch and head to Arville. In Arville they will visit La Commanderie d’Arville. This small estate that was established by the Knight Templars is still one of the best preserved commandries in France. The Commanderie was a farming centre, a recruitment centre, a training base for the knights, and a place of worship under the ownership of the Templars. Now there is also a history Centre of the Chivalry Orders which present in an interactive way the epic of the crusades and the life of the Templars where the group can learn more about them. The next stop on this day will be Orleans where they will have a guided visit of the Cathedral Ste-Croix. This is where Joan D’Arc prayed before her victorious battle of Orleans. Overnight in Orleans.

Day 4

In the morning the group will travel to Chenonceaux to visit Chenonceau Castle, which is declared to be one of the finest castles in the Loire Valley. From here they will travel to Blanzac-Porcheresse where they will visit the Templars chapel. From the outside the chapel might not look like much but it is the inside that harbours the treasure. The walls of the chapel are decorated by paintings made by the Knight Templars, which shows them riding out on one of their many holy wars. After their visit to the chapel they will travel to Libourne where they will overnight.

Day 5

Today the group will travel to Carcassonne, when they arrive here they will have a guided tour of the Old Town and the fortified town that is UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 6

In the morning the group will travel to Rennes-le-Chateau, this village is cloaked in mystery as many people believe that a treasure has been hidden here by a priest in the 19th century. And this treasure could well be the Holy Grail, which was allegedly left behind by the Cathars here when they had to flee Chateau de Monstegur. The group will visit the Berenger Sauniere Museum and the Eglise de Sainte-Marie-Madeleine. After their visit to Rennes-le-Chateau the group will travel to Alet le Bains where they will see some of the main sights such as the Cathedral, the House of Nostradamus and Abbaye les Bains (no internal visits).

They will have some free time for lunch in Limoux before they head to Le Couvertoirade where they will have a guided tour of this former Templars village. There day will end in Nimes where they will overnight.

Day 7

The group will have a morning tour of Nimes with their tour manager. During their tour they will visit La Maison Carree and the Amphiteatre. Afterwards the group will travel to Pont du Gard to see the well preserved Roman Aqueduct and they will have some free time for lunch here. Another stop this day is Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer where they will visit the L’Eglise des Saintes Maries de la Mer. There they will end in Orange where they will overnight.

Day 8

In the morning the group will travel to Cluny where they will visit the Cluny Abbey. This former Benedictine abbey is well-known. It might not have any direct connections with the Knight Templars, but it was the Benedictine order that the first Knight Templars based their rules on. Afterwards they will travel to Dijon where they will visit the Eglise de Notre Dame of Dijon and the Notre Dame de Bon Espoir. Overnight in Dijon.

Day 9

The group will visit the Museo Parc Alesia in Alice St. Reine in the morning. Afterwards they will visit Fontenay Abbey with a guided tour. Their next stop on this day will be Troyes where they will visit the Eglise de Sainte-Marie-Madeleine. It was also in Troyes that the Templars were first officially endorsed by the church in 1129. And in the nearby village of Payns, the first Grand Master of Payns, Hugues de Payens, was born. After their visit to Troyes and Payns they will travel to Paris where they will overnight.

Day 10

Today the group will have a guided tour of Paris. They will see some of the main sights such as the Notre- Dame de Paris and the Site of Jacques de Molay’s Immolation. With a coach they will visit some of Paris famous sights such as the Place de Concord, the Champs Elysees and the Arc du Triomphe.

In the afternoon the group will visit the museum Cluny, which is dedicated to the medieval times and which also holds some information about the Knight Templars. And they will also visit the Eglise Saint Germain de Pres.

 Day 11

        We will start our morning in the Louvre Museum and open up the afternoon as free time for you to explore Paris on your own. Farewell Dinner for our group that evening in our hotel.


        Transport to CDG Airport for our flight back to the USA

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