Potawattomie Indians Astounding Visit in 1843

Native American Indians & Relation to the Book of Mormon

From the beginning of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there has been evidence supporting the Book of Mormon. A huge connection we have between the events and history of the book in the past, in relation to today, are the people. Namely, the Native American Indians.

In the Book of Mormon it describes several nations of people inhabiting the land of America. We have come to believe that the land of America inhabited, is in fact, in North America. 

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Part of these beliefs come through Church sources, such as events that have transpired with different prophets. One account in particular was of the Potwattomie Indians visiting the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

In this account, they described how they had been led to find Joseph Smith and stand testament to his role as a prophet. This was in relation to their ancestry in the ancient record that the Prophet had translated.

History of the Church Account

From the History of the Church Vol. 5 July 1843

At length, on the 2nd day of July 1843, President Joseph Smith and several of the Twelve met those chiefs in the court-room, with about twenty of the elders. The following is a synopsis of the conversation which took place as given by the interpreter: —

The Indian orator arose and asked the Prophet if the men who were present were all his friends.  Answer — “Yes.”

He then said — “We have been driven from our lands many times. We have been wasted away by wars, until there are but few of us left. The white man has hated us and shed our blood, until it has appeared as though there would soon be no Indians left. We have talked with the Great Spirit, and the Great Spirit has talked with us. 

We have asked the Great Spirit to save us and let us live. And the Great Spirit has told us that he had raised up a great Prophet, chief and friend, who would do us great good and tell us what to do. And the Great Spirit has told us that you are the man (pointing to the Prophet Joseph).  We have now come a great way to see you, and hear your words, and to have you tell us what to do. Our horses have become poor traveling, and we are hungry. We will now wait and hear your word.”

The Spirit of God rested upon the Lamanites, especially the orator. Joseph was much affected and shed tears.

Evidence Today of the Native American Indians

Currently there are several sites around the midwest and south eastern states that present evidence of the Book of Mormon people. These sights include mounds, old forts, stone walls, thousands of artifacts, and several sites still under on-going excavation. 

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