April 24 - May 6, 2020

Guided by Mandy Green

 $2900 per person, double occupancy


Tour Includes:
  • 11 night hotel accommodations
  • Deluxe motor-coach transportation
  • Museum entrance fees
  • 11 breakfasts, 2 dinners
  • expert guide
  • transfers to and from airport
  • tips for driver and guide
  • headset receivers
  • priority coach seating option
  • travel insurance
Not Included:
  • Airfare to London and from Edinburough
  • Airline baggage fees
  • Meals other than listed
  • Additional trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance ($248)
Payment Terms:
  • $300 pp deposit at time of booking
  • Final payment due 45 days before departure
  • **This tour is based on a minimum of 20 passengers and max of 45 passengers.

*Rate of Exchange and City Taxes

 Legacy Tours are priced to ensure our clients get the most economical price for the tour. In doing so we base our  tour price on the value of the US dollar to the Euro when final payment is made. The published price and rate of exchange for the dollar when published is the marker. If the dollar has decreased when the final payment is due, the cost for the tour may be more than the published price. However if the dollar increases in value when your final payment is due, then you will pay less than the price that is published for the tour.

A number of European cities are likely to increase or impose a new tourism tax in the near future. These taxes may be added without warning. These extra taxes may end up being added to the final cost of the tour or it’s possible you will be asked to pay locally on the spot. Barcelona just recently added a city tax that was between 1-3 EU per night.  This is just to let you know of this possibility.  In any advent you will want to bring some extra Euros to have on hand in case that happens on our tour.


Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain

with Mandy Green
“And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God, On England’s pleasant pastures seen!”
Jerusalem by WILLIAM BLAKE


Day 1 (Thurs) Leave the USA


Day 2 (Fri)Welcome to England, Drive from London Heathrow to Glastonbury:
Glastonbury, also known anciently as Avalon, is one of the most beautiful and most fascinating
places to visit in all of England. We will let you explore Glastonbury which is full of many
interesting and eclectic shops and grab some lunch. In the afternoon we visit Glastonbury
Abbey. This abbey is said to be the burial site of Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur and
Guinevere. It is also the site of Joseph’s famous Thorn Tree that still blooms twice a year on
Easter and Christmas. Overnight in Wells.

Day 3 (Sat) We will begin the day exploring Wells Cathedral and the Chapter House. After lunch
we will head back to Glastonbury to see Chalice Well and, Glastonbury Tor both sites are
steeped in legend and traditions. Chalice Well is a place of ancient Celtic worship whose waters
and design represents the union of heaven and earth. You’ll have a chance to take off your shoes
and walk in the stream and have the opportunity to drink from the well waters. The area by the
well is traditionally thought to be the burial site of the Holy Grail Cup, brought to Britain by
Joseph of Arimathea. From there we’ll make the climb to Glastonbury Tor to see the
breathtaking view and to see the representation of the heavens and learn about the Temple of the
Stars. Overnight in Salisbury

Day 4 (Sun) Stonehenge and Avebury Circle: A visit to the iconic Stonehenge is in order; however,
on this tour you can learn about what the ancient site was really built to be.  Our mid day lunch
break will be at the 400+ year old Waggon and Horse Pub, where legend has it, Charles
Dickens was known to frequent that very spot in his travels to and from London. Then we make
a visit to an even older ancient stone circle site called Avebury.  (Some believe the stones at
Avebury were actually used to create Stonehenge.)  Avebury has its own unique story about the
paths of the stars and allows you to walk amongst the stones. Overnight in London

Day 5 (Mon) London: The study of the Holy Grail Legend would not be complete without a visit to the
Temple Church in London. Built in the 12 th  century by the Knights Templar; The Round Church
was consecrated in 1185 by the patriarch of Jerusalem. It was designed to recall the holiest place
in the Crusaders’ world: the circular Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. All of the
Templar churches we will visit are round-- patterned after what the Templars believed was the
structure of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.  After lunch on Fleet Street, we will set out for a
Globe Theatre Tour.  We will learn how this theatre architecture houses many hermetic
symbols and architectural details. Evensong will be an option in the late afternoon at St Paul’s
Cathedral whose architect was Hermeticist Christopher Wren. Overnight in London 

Day 6 (Tues) Cambridge: We start our day traveling to Cambridge, home to the Neo-platonists and one
of the greatest minds of all time, Sir Isaac Newton, another Hermeticist. We will take a scenic
boat ride, known as “punting on the Cam” (river) and enjoy a visit to King’s College Chapel
home to the world famous King’s College Choir for Evensong. You’ll want to make sure you
stop in for a bite to eat or a drink at the famous Eagle Pub in Cambridge. Great WWII history as
well as the “think tank” for the discovery of DNA.

Day 7 (Wed) Cambridge: We will visit Round Church, one of only 4 standing churches in the world
that was built by the Knights Templar. Entrance to King’s College and Chapel, afternoon is free
for exploring Cambridge. Evensong is optional at either King’s College or Trinity College.
Overnight in Cambridge.

Day 8 (Thur) Lincoln: We will travel to Lincoln and spend the day exploring the city.  Lincoln is the
land of Tennyson and others who revered Mary Magdalene.  It’s also close to Robin Hood
fame, with Sherwood Forest not far away. You will learn how the legend of Robin Hood and
Maid Marian ties into the traditions of Christ in Britain. We will visit Lincoln Cathedral and
learn of the traditions that tie it to Mary Magdalene. If you choose you’ll have time to explore
Lincoln Castle where you can see 1 of the 4 original copies of the Magna Charta. We will
finish the day with Evensong at Lincoln Cathedral. Overnight in Lincoln.

Day 9 (Fri) York: We travel to York, one of the best places to get a feel for medieval England. We
will tour York Minster and have an opportunity (for those who choose) to climb to the top of
the tower for a most spectacular view of the countryside.  You will learn about the octagon, add
on to the Minster that ties into Solomon’s Temple structure and the Templar tradition.  Your
afternoon is free to explore this quaint medieval city, which must include a visit to Shambles
Street-the place Diagon Alley is patterned after-- and hopefully a taste of delicious, Yorkshire
Pudding. See next page for Hotel contact information. Overnight in York.

Day 10 (Sat) Edinburgh: We will continue our travel up north to Edinburgh for a tour of Holyrood
Palace, the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland. Holyrood Palace was built
in the 1600’s and has its own connection to Hermeticism. Holyrood Abbey, the site of Scottish
Templar trials in 1309 was built in 1128 under the direction of King David I of Scotland. The
rest of the time will be spent exploring and shopping on the Royal Mile at your leisure.
Overnight in Edinburgh

Day 11 (Sun) Stirling: We are off to Stirling and a visit the Bannockburn Battlefield Visitor Center.
You will learn about Robert the Bruce and the last ride of the Templar Knights on this
battlefield to secure independence for Scotland. We will make a visit to Stirling Castle before
we head back to Edinburgh. Overnight in Edinburgh.

Day 12 (Mon) Roslin: The final day of our tour will culminate with our visit to Rosslyn Chapel, built
in the 1400s by the St. Clair family. Rosslyn, is a sacred site full of symbolism and energetic ley
lines. Our visit will include a walk through Roslin Glen and a visit to Rosslyn Castle; ancestral
home to the St. Clair (Sinclair) family of Templar fame. The afternoon we will visit the ruins of
the Knights Templar Church at Balantradoch and what is left of the first preceptor built by
the Knights Templar. Rosslyn is the perfect conclusion of the tour that culminates in
understanding the true grail legend and those who sought to protect it. Farewell Dinner that
evening for the Traditions Tour. Overnight in Edinburgh.

Day 13 (Tues)  Depart to USA from Edinbugh

The Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain is a unique tour that will allow you to see some of
the true wonders and treasures of England.  It provides the opportunity for you to feel for
yourself the power associated with these sacred sites and the ley lines that undergird them.  You
will get to try some new culinary tastes, eat some delicious food, and experience the bliss of
“Elderflower Extract.”  You will also have the opportunity to hear some heavenly music at
Lincoln Cathedral as well as hear Shakespeare in his own place at London’s Globe Theater.  In
addition to all of this, you will get to take in England during the beginning of fall-- it is truly
beautiful and breathtaking.


After serving an LDS mission in Moscow, Russia, Mandy Green earned her BA in Humanities from Brigham Young University, with a minor in English Literature. She married Brent Green in 1998 and they are the proud (if not perplexed) parents of three children. Mandy is fluent in Russian and can read and write in Biblical Hebrew and Koine (New Testament) Greek. Her post graduate studies include courses in Ancient Texts and Temples, the Nag Hamadi Writings, Egyptian Religion, Hermeticism, and Grail Lore. She also spent a summer taking a special archaeology course at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2014.

Mandy currently teaches adult religion courses in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Mandy is a passionate student of the world and has traveled to Russia, Kazakhstan, France, England, Scotland, Israel and Italy. The only thing Mandy enjoys more than experiencing a new place for the first time is introducing it to someone else.

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